The Saga Continues as, Veregy Representatives chose to skip the Camden County Commissioners meeting.

What was going to take a few weeks has turned into nearly 7 months with no real answer when the different offices in the County can return. Camden County Commissioners stated it was going to cost the tax payers nearly 4.2 million in renovations to the Camden County Court House. However the scope of work keeps changing adding hundreds of thousands to a note that will actually cost the tax payers nearly 8 million (including interest) when it’s all said and done. In a meeting held on 12-8-22 Representatives from Veregy offered a Check for $10,000 for the troubles that the county had faced due to the extended time it’s taken. Commissioner Gohagan asked if they would be responsible for liquid damages moving forward, which was meet with an absolute no from Veregy.

On 12-13-22 Camden County held another meeting in which Veregy chose not to attend. As time tics by the county sits in the hands of it’s contractor with county offices hanging out to dry. Lease agreements and other problems continue to be brought to light. The future of the county will see a change of leadership with the swearing in of the new Presiding Commissioner Ike Skelton on 12-20-22.

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